During the day, I'm a Customer Supporter with iwantmyname,
a global domain management service founded here in New Zealand.

I can often be found mentoring at Startup Weekends—particularly
pitch coaching—and I've recently completed my Facilitator training!

I do transcription work, most notably transcribing
weekly podcasts for the Ask a Manager podcast.

I'm co-Head Bitch (and Roster Bitch) for my local Good Bitches Baking chapter,
who bake and deliver home-cooked treats to people having a tough time.

I also ramble on Twitter a lot. I like to think I'm interesting.

In addition...

  • If you're thinking, "I recognise her, but I'm sure that wasn't her name"—you've probably met my pinup alter ego, Vienna de Havilland. I can usually be found, petticoat and all, at car shows, vintage expos, etc. around Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.
  • If you thought my hair was a different colour... yeah, it probably was. I change it pretty regularly, just to keep people on their toes.